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Understanding transition to turbulence.


High-dimensional Stochastic Simulation and Optimisation in Image Processing
Goldney Hall Orangery, Bristol
The scope of this research workshop is stochastic simulation and optimisation in image processing (IP), with a particular focus on…
27th - 29th August 2014
Heilbronn Annual Conference 2014
Pugsley Lecture Theatre, 1.40 Queens Building, University Walk
The 2014 Heilbronn Annual Conference will be held at the University of…
11th - 12th September 2014


Mathematical Physics
Professor Joseph Avron
Braiding fluxes in Pauli Hamiltonians
Friday 15th August 2014, 14:00
Alex Bartel
Heuristics for Arakelov class groups
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 14:30
Probability and Statistics
Alexander Holroyd
[Unusual time!!] TBA
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 15:40
Hendrik Lenstra
Commensurability of automorphism groups
Wednesday 10th September 2014, 16:00