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 Research on Wavelets


Reveal surprising local structure in data.


LMS joint research group: New mathematical methods for open quantum systems.
Howard House, 4'th floor seminar room

6th March 2015
Distinguished Lecture Series 2015
8th April - Powell Lecture Theatre, 9th and 10th April - Tyndall Lecture Theatre
The 2015 Distinguished Lecture Series, in collaboration with the Heilbronn Institute, will be given by Professor Scott Sheffield of…
8th - 10th April 2015


Mathematical Physics
Roman Schubert
New Mathematical Methods for Open…
Friday 6th March 2015, 14:00
Probability and Statistics
Matteo Barigozzi
Dynamic Factor Models, Cointegration,…
Friday 6th March 2015, 14:15
Probability and Statistics
Jason Schweinsberg
Rigorous results for a population model…
Friday 6th March 2015, 15:40
Cornelia Drutu
Strong versions of Kazhdan's Property…
Monday 9th March 2015, 15:00